Bethel Temple was founded by a radio ministry in Dallas Tx. and as a result, there were 12 churches established throughout Texas including Bethel Temple Dallas. Reverend Charles R. Jones received an invitation to come to Ft. Worth to establish a church like Bethel Temple Dallas.


There were tent revivals in the spring of 1941 on Weatherford St. in Ft. Worth with the ministry leadership of Charles R. Jones and his father-in-law Albert Ott. This was just the beginning of an amazing adventure for Bethel because on May 5, 1941, with 135 charter members and 177 in attendance, the tent revival came to be called Bethel Temple Ft. Worth.


On July 13, 1941, a building was purchased for the use of the church and remained there until 1970 with Charles R. Jones as the senior pastor.  After much time and continued growth Bethel moved one more time to the east side of Ft. Worth on August 2, 1970, and its doors are still open to this day.


Bethel has had many great pastors, teachers and evangelists come through its doors over the years.

 Charles R. Jones, founding pastor of Bethel, 1941-1975, Charles A. Jones 1975-1977, John Wilkerson 1977-1994, Charles Snow 1994-2002, David Applegate 2002-2009, Dr. Dan Langston 2009-2015 and today the pastor of Bethel is Rich Van Proyen. Some have served decades, and some have served for only a few months but nonetheless the amount of time people have spent ministering at Bethel contributes to the success of this church through the years.

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